Make the gym your playground, sometimes people think

going to the gym and exercising is a chore, when it reality

it can become the game that brings the most health benefits.

You only have one body, one chance and endless possibilities.

The choice is YOURS!



Can you believe that there I am, Andy at 314 lbs. What is the saying… “dumb, fat, and happy.” I was a couple of those things, but not happy. Letting myself get to that weight still blows my mind. Luckily that’s when Jessica entered my life. I felt like I had an idea of what to do in the gym. Then came my first session with Jessica. She made me hurt in ways I didn’t think were possible. But I had fun!! She is such a motivator. Meeting me at the gym at 5:00 am and ready to go with energy. It blew my mind. But not only did she know her way around the gym, teaching me ways to get the most of my work out and maximizing my benefit, but she also taught me the importance of diet. With Jessica’s help, I lost 60 pounds and I got to a weight I feel good about myself. I still have a ways to go but she has given me the skills and motivation to keep going. Jessica, you are truly one of my heroes in life and have made such a difference to me. Thank you!!!

Let me give you some advice. It’s time to invest in yourself!! No one else will do it for you. Who better than yourself to invest in? Life is life. We all have ups and downs but your quality of life depends upon your health. Take the journey. It is not easy but anything in life that is worth doing is not easy. Just think where you can be in a year from now or even less. Who knows, maybe you will be typing up your own success story!
— Andy








into a new you!